Characteristics of Veterans Accessing the Veterans Affairs Telephone Triage Who Have Depression or Suicidal Ideation: Opportunities for Intervention

Veterans accessing Veterans Affairs (VA) health care have higher suicide rates and more characteristics associated with suicide risk, including being male, having multiple medical and psychiatric comorbidities, and being an older age, compared with the general U.S. population. The Veterans Crisis Line is a telephone hotline available to Veterans with urgent mental health concerns; however, not all Veterans are aware of this resource.

May 22, 2018

Mental Health Emergency Department Visits in Houston: Developing a Post-Disaster Mental Health Surveillance System

The objective of this project was to classify and extract mental health emergency department (ED) visits from the Houston Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance (RODS) system. In addition, this project will offer a

July 30, 2018

Sexual Violence v2 - CDC

The query was updated and developed in collaboration with NSSP & CDC Division of Violence Prevention for a version 2 of the Sexual Violence syndrome. The syndrome is intended for rape prevention coordinators for their surveillance work at local and state health departments. The query has been added to the CCDD category and is named Sexual Violence v2.





September 13, 2018

Intimate Partner Violence v1 - CDC

The query was developed by NSSP and CDC Division of Violence Prevention. It was developed to assist rape prevention coordinators and project officers in doing sexual violence and intimate partner violence surveillance using syndromic surveillance. An ESSENCE CCDD category has been created and its called Intimate Partner Violence v1.

September 13, 2018

Self-harm and Suicide-related - Syndrome Definition Committee

This query was created as a collaboration between the ISDS Syndrome Definition Committee (SDC) members with input from the CDC, Division of Violence Prevention. The query includes keywords and discharge diagnosis codes (ICD 10, ICD 9, and SNOMED) for self-harm, suicide ideation and suicide attempt. The query has been evaluated using national and local data from several states and counties.

June 15, 2018


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