Rabies Exposure and PEP - Kansas Department of Health and Environment

This syndrome was created to query NSSP ESSENCE on Rabies Exposure and Rabies PEP S

Syndromic Surveillance System - NSSP ESSENCE

Data source - Emergency Room Visits

Fields used - Chief Complaint History and Discharge Diagnosis History OR CCDD (an ESSENCE-concatenated field of Chief Complaint and Discharge Diagnosis)

Surveillance System: 
Syndrome Definition: 

rabies OR rabid OR rabbie OR skunk OR raccon OR coyot OR fox OR coon ANDNOT (coonr OR coonf) OR bat ANDNOT (ball OR batt OR wiffle OR wifl OR metal OR plastic OR alumin OR contusion OR combat OR assaul OR bation OR batin OR bate OR batr OR bat lab OR batlab OR baton OR acrobat OR sabbat OR baty OR batim OR batch OR aerobat OR conscious OR lacerat OR bath OR intubat OR exacerbat OR hit with bat OR hit with a bat OR hit with the bat OR hit by bat OR hit by a bat OR hit by the bat OR struck with OR struck by OR hit in the OR bative OR labs only OR bat draw OR labat OR bat van OR batshit OR bat shit) OR Z20.3 OR Z29.14

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Kansas Department of Health and Environment
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October 27, 2017

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