NSSP Community of Practice (CoP) Monthly Calls




November 2021 - No call this month 

October 2021 (Topic: What's New with NSSP?) - Recording, Slides

September 2021 (Topic: Engaging New Partners and Suicide Awareness Month) - Recording, Slides

August 2021 (Topic: All Hazards Approach to Syndromic Surveillance) - Recording, Slides

July 2021 (Topic: The Possibilities of Data Sharing) - Recording

June 2021 (Topic: The Real Water Public Health Investigation) - Recording

May 2021 (Topic: Mental Health Awareness Month) - Recording, Slides

April 2021 (Topic: What's New in the ESSENCE?) - Recording

March 2021 (Topic: Mental Health and Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic) - RecordingSlides

February 2021 (Topic: Vision of NSSP Moving Forward) - Recording

January 2021 (Topic: How Else Can Syndromic Surveillance Support COVID-19 Activities? Occupational Health...Environmental Health?) - Recording, Slides



December 2020 (Topic: Sharing Current Uses of ESSENCE Data and SaTScan for Cluster Detection) - Recording 

November 2020 (No call) - In lieu of this month's call, we held the 2020 Syndromic Surveillance Symposium

October 2020 (Topic: What's Different about Flu this Year? Using Syndromic Surveillance Data during a Pandemic to Monitor CLI and ILI) - Recording, Slides

September 2020 (Topic: Do YOU Have Timely Data Sources for Suicide Prevention? How Do YOU Use Syndromic Surveillance Data Sources to Take Action for Suicide Prevention?) - Recording, Slides

September 2020 Ad Hoc Meeting (R for Biosurveillance Call: Updates to COVID-19 State Indicator Report) - Recording

August 2020 (Topic: Using Data Visualization Tools to Understand the COVID-19 Pandemic) - Recording, Slides, Notes

July 2020 Ad Hoc Meeting (R for Biosurveillance Call: NSSP Coronavirus Surveillance State Report R Demo) - Recording

July 2020 (Topic: Considerations for COVID-19 Dashboards and Reports) - Recording, Slides, NotesRelated Publication

June 2020 (Topic: Interstate Data Sharing within the BioSense Platform) - Recording, Slides, Notes

May 2020 (Topic: I want to share SyS data with DoD. Well, DoD Wants to Share Data with You Too!) - RecordingSlides, Notes

May 2020 (R for Biosurveillance Call: CDC State Indicator Reports - A Hands On Introduction) - Recording

May 2020 (R for Biosurveillance Call: Analysis of COVID-19 Trends Using R) - Recording, R code

April 2020 (Topic: How NSSP Has Used Data for the COVID-19 Response) - Recording, Slides, Notes, Data Elements Provided to NRCC for COVID-19

March 2020 (Topic: Syndromic Surveillance & COVID-19) - Recording, Notes

February 2020 (Topic: Where, Oh Where, Could Travel History Be?) - Recording, Slides, Agenda

February 2020 Ad Hoc Meeting (Topic: Syndromic Surveillance & COVID-19) - Recording, Slides

January 2020 (Topic: Help! How do I train SyS users? - tips, tricks, and how you too can do this) - Recording, Slides, Agenda



December 2019 Ad Hoc Meeting (Topic: Update on Analysis of Shared Syndromic Data for Severe Respiratory Injury Surveillance) - Recording, SlidesICD-10-CM Official Coding Guidelines Supplement

November 2019 (Topic: A Year in Review - What have Committees been up to?) - Recording, Slides, Agenda

October 2019 (Topic: Lung Injury Response - Come Quick, Syndromic Surveillance is Stepping in to Help Save the Day) - Recording

September 2019: Earthquake Surveillance

August 2019: PEP this....Sys and Rabies PEP Administration

July 2019: Preparing for Disaster Surveillance

June 2019: Heat-Related Illness Surveillance

May 2019: Vector-Borne Disease Surveillance

April 2019: Drownings & Submersion Events

March 2019: Spring Health Hazards

February 2019: Cardiovascular Disease Surveillance

January 2019: CoP Activities at the 2019 ISDS Conference



December 2018: Cold-related Illness; CDC perspective on ESSENCE; CO Poisoning Surveillance

November 2018: STD Surveillance & Satisfaction Survey

October 2018: Domestic Violence Surveillance

September 2018: Suicide and Self-Harm Surveillance

July 2018: All Traffic Related Surveillance

June 2018: Hurricane preparation and other summer hazards

May 2018: Meaningful Use, Stage 3

April 2018: Emergency Preparedness and Surveillance Updates

March 2018: Committee Overviews

February 2018

January 2018



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